About Green Valley Property Management

Green Valley Property Management is not your traditional property management and maintenance company. We think globally but act locally. Our client?s custom property management plan begins with the end in mind. We seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Our goal is to maximize the return on your investment property while utilizing eco-friendly practices. We use green technology and recommend sustainable products that will not only make your investment property more appealing but will also improve its value.

We start off by giving your property a necessary inspection. We then look for ways to reduce turnover expenses and increase curb appeal. We will continue to review your utility expenses. Based on our inspections and reviews, we will provide you with a long term plan to increase revenues, decrease costs and improve the quality of living that your residents desire.

Surprisingly, the cost of our services is very comparable to what you are paying right now. Since we are not a traditional property management company, we can be as green as our client?s desire. If your goal is to make your investment carbon neutral, we can help. If you goal is to turn around a troubled property, we can help.