At Green Valley Property Management we believe in the team approach when it comes to community management.  We recognize the community and individual requirements and we tailor the management plan to meet those special needs.  We realize the board members are the most valuable resource a community association has and we support the boards we represent and help them address the issues specific to their community. 

A well-run community association adds value to your home with extra features, services and protections that the home/condo owners and buyers appreciate.  At Green Valley Property Management we continually strive to maintain the beauty, comfort and safety of each community we serve. 

Proactively maintaining a property takes a significant amount of dedication and time.  Studies show that preventative maintenance is estimated to provide associations with a savings of up to 40% on long term costs.  We will help guide your board with industry leading inspections, maintenance plans and our proactive approach to building maintenance.  Your board will be advised on the buildings long and short term maintenance and repair requirements and recommended plans for funding these projects. 

We are able to secure below-market pricing for our clients due to our purchasing power and strong vendor relationships.  By reducing our clients? expenses in areas such as cleaning, snow removal, lawn care, insurance and ongoing maintenance we are able to offset some, or all of our management fees.

If you are interested in receiving a quote and meeting our management team, please contact us directly.